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Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy


Renishaw inVia
Renishaw inVia micro-Raman spectrometer

Equipped with argon laser (514, 488, 457 nm) and a laser diode (830 nm) with corresponding line-rejection filters. µm-resolution confocal mapping of Raman or luminescence signal. A cold-finger helium-bath cryostat can be applied for low-temperature measurements. More...


PLD equipment
Pulsed laser deposition equipment


Jobin-Yvon FluoroMax-4P
Jobin-Yvon FluoroMax-4P spectrofluorometer

Highly sensitive compact spectrofluorometer permitting measurement of photoluminescence emission and excitation spectra in the spectral range 200–850 nm and phosphorescence kinetics down to microsecond time range. Adapted for low-temperature measurements. More...

Ekspla NT340
Ekspla NT340 nanosecond tunable laser system

Comprises a nanosecond optical paramagnetic oscillator pumped with Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Wavelength tuning from 210 to 2300 nm, pulse duration 5 ns, variable repetition rate up to 20 Hz. Special outputs for high-intensity 1064, 532, and 355 nm emissions suitable for non-linear processes, LIBS, etc. More...

Setup for microspectroscopy and imaging of single quantum emitters
Setup for microspectroscopy and imaging of single quantum emitters

The home-assembled setup is based on commercial microscope unit Olympus BX-41M combined with Andor iXon EMCCD camera for highly sensitive fluorescence imaging and fiber-coupled Andor EMCCD spectrometer system for confocal spectroscopy. Any laser source can be used for point or widefield excitation. More...

Setup for study of single quantum emitters
Automated system for plasmonic measurements
Automated system for plasmonic measurements

The custom-built computer-controlled setup permits angularly and spectrally resolved optical measurements (reflectance, fluorescence). In particular, it is suited for assessment of plasmonic phenomena in stratified structures attached to a semicylindrical prism or hemisphere for optical coupling in Kretschmann or reversed Kretschmann geometry.

Setup for VIS-UV time-resolved spectroscopy
Setup for VIS-UV time-resolved spectroscopy

Andor Shamrock SR-303i spectrograph equipped with Andor DH520 intensified CCD camera and various photomultiplier tubes permitting time-resolution down to 5 ns. Measurement of luminescence or luminescence excitation spectra using various lasers or 150 W high-pressure xenon lamp. Measurements can be performed at temperatures from 4 to 300 K. More...

Jasco V-570
Jasco V-570 spectrophotometer

Allows measurement of transmission, reflection, and absorption spectra in the spectral range of 190–2500 nm. Adapted for low-temperature measurements.



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